CTO vs Head of Engineering Golang struct size and memory optimisation. Don’t use Go’s default HTTP client (in production) Scan Environment Variables in…
To improve productivity and effectiveness, you have to pay attention to developer's experience.
This week I read about universe is flipping computer bits, good documentation and win 11 release doc.

August 2021

This week I read mostly on software architecture.
This week is about Continuous Integration.
Enrich your knowledge by reading these 5 articles for the week.

September 2020

nodejs, golang, serverless, aws, email etc

April 2020

My last 15 days articles.

March 2020

Strconv package comes with 2 handy functions Atoi and Itoa
Learn how to Swapper function, to swap the array elements.
Hyperledger Fabric is all about permissions. These permissions are provided in the form of certificates and keys.

January 2020

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